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The Changing Face of the Workforce: New Insights, New Directions

Webinar Published By: IBM
Published:  Mar 28, 2016
Type:  Webinar

In the age of the empowered individual, organizations must rethink the workplace with the employee at the center of the business.

Business leaders are now facing a host of new challenges and opportunities associated with their workforces. On one hand, the demographics of their workforce are changing with a new type of employees coming on-board. At the same time, the nature of the employee relationships are rapidly changing. This session will focus on recent research from the IBM Institute for Business Value about how to make sense of these workforce changes and take actions that will benefit your organization.

Join this virtual discussion between industry thought leaders to learn how to:

  • Separate the myths from realities related to the Millennial workforce.
  • Understand the value provided by alternative work arrangements and the independent worker.
  • Identify opportunities for your organizations to better adapt to these shifts within the workforce.

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